Research Profile Prof. Markus Laimer

Research focus 

The research group led by Prof. Markus Laimer is concerned with the expansion of treatment strategies for people with diabetes. In detail, the metabolic effects of therapies that used in addition to insulin for people with type 1 diabetes are investigated. Furthermore, the effectiveness of individualized lifestyle programs and technical decision support in people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes is characterized. Numerous gold standard methods of metabolic research, including euglycemic clamp techniques, are used to answer specific questions. Furthermore, the research group is involved in the development of digital control algorithms for autonomous insulin dosing in people with diabetes and develops software and hardware solutions that store therapy-relevant data of people with diabetes in a secure and standardized way. Special research interest is devoted to the development of non-profit oriented "open-source" closed-loop systems (also known as "artificial pancreases") and other digital support systems that are intended to improve the quality of life of people with diabetes and their relatives. 

Current research projects

  • Open source APS-project
  • Algorithm development for autonomous insulin titration
  • SGLT-2 inhibition and hormonal glucose regulation in type 1 diabetes
  • App development for Diabetes self-management